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How to have a luminous skin during the festive season?

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The Christmas season and the end of the year are approaching and we want to look our best, and that includes our skin. Do we have the necessary care for our skin to be the protagonist? Here are a few tricks.

It's no secret that we all like to look and feel good, and that includes taking care of our image, whether in relation to our skin or our hair. Even with regular care, we can always give our skin a boost, namely to enhance its natural luminosity.

A beautiful skin is a glowing skin, hydrated and that transmits that it is healthy. And how can we do that? By using, for example, cosmetic products.

essential regular care
Essential regular care

Which ones should we use, mandatorily? 

Every routine should start with a cleanser adapted to our skin type and/or condition. A clean skin is a skin where the care products - placed next - absorb and act more effectively.

Another care that we should always have in mind is a good product with moisturizing action - either in the form of a serum or a cream or gel. The most important thing is to give "comfort" and vigor to the skin.

One of the most important products in our morning routine is sunscreen. This should be used daily, regardless of the weather and the season. The sunscreen will protect our skin from the harmful effects of solar radiation, avoiding damage to it.

Complementary care

How we can "explore" our skin's potential

After making sure you follow a routine with the "must-have" products, you can add a product with exfoliating action - either by physical or chemical action - once or twice a week.

To what end? To make the skin smoother and more even in texture. Along with cleansing, properly and correctly exfoliated skin is skin that allows greater absorption of the products put on afterwards.

To intensify the natural luminosity of our skin, we can add - in the morning routine - a product with antioxidant action, that is, with a set of vitamins - C and E - and acids - ferulic, for example - that fight the formation of free radicals and "heal" the effects of pollution and stress on our skin.

New year, new skin!
New year, new skin!

When should I start following these tips? 

Right now! And adopt this care routine for the rest of the year. As the days go by, you will start to feel your skin softer and brighter, as well as more comfortable. Now you have no excuses for not having enviable skin.

Dr. Ricardo Rodrigues

Dr. Ricardo Rodrigues
Postgraduate in Dermatocosmetology.
Postgraduate in Advanced Cosmetology
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