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Are you travelling? Prepare before travelling

Travelling is an increasingly common practice these days, whether for professional, leisure or humanitarian reasons.Planning your trip is important so that you do not have to face unforeseen events, particularly regarding your health. If you are c...

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Indigestion - Looks like I'm going to burst

Dyspepsia is the word used to describe the sensation of pain and burning in the stomach, which we commonly call poor digestion. However, dyspepsia may be associated with other pathologies and not simply with indigestion. There are 2 types of dyspepsia - functional dyspepsia, which is the most common, where there is no associated disease, and organic dyspepsia, which is related to the existence of some pathology. Everybody can sporadically suffer from poor digestion, but when these episodes are recurrent, we may be dealing with functional dys...
Holidays & Travel


Receiving the Sun in Good Health

The sun is essential to life, but it can also be a threat. Learn how to benefit from the sun's rays and how to protect yourself, especially if you are sensitive to the sun.

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