Chronic diseases

Cardiovascular system

How to combat that feeling of heavy and tired legs?

Chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) occurs when the valves that exist in the veins are not working effectively, causing a malfunctioning of the venous system, which may or may not be associated with obstruction of the venous flow. CVI is considered a chronic and progressive disease that is likely to get worse over time, being a disability factor and resulting in an impaired quality of life for those affected.
Skin Problems


Atopic dermatitis - Skin hydration is the key factor

People suffering from atopic dermatitis have an extremely sensitive and reactive skin, which demands specific care.
Family Pharmacy

Drugs and devices

On the diabetes superhighway it is crucial to control blood sugar levels

According to the WHO, there are approximately 422 million people with diabetes in the world, and this number is expected to rise to 520 million by 2030. It is estimated that 1.6 million deaths are directly attributed to diabetes each year. The inc...
Family Pharmacy


Lice! This embarrassing and irritating invasion of privacy

Infestation of humans byhead lice(pediculushumanuscapitis) isfrequent andis called pediculosis. Lice are small parasites, without wings (they do not fly), which need a host (a human) to complete their life cycle. Lice feed through a bite on the sca...
Beauty & Hair


Pamper yourself, you'll love it!

To stay healthy with a perfect skin and face, luminoushair,and good energy, you need to take care of yourself! Acquire some daily beauty routines and remember: your ultimate weapon to success is to maintain consistency.

Digestive system

Good habits, good breath

The problem of bad breath can create some situations of embarrassment and social awkwardness, which can lead to problems of self-esteem. Did you know that this problem affects about 30% of the world population? Halitosis is quite common, and the goo...
Baby & Mom


Pregnancy! A world of doubts

In this article we will answer some questions that may worry future moms, when it comes to a healthy and proper nutrition during pregnancy. Remember that your pharmacist can also answer any questions you might have.
COVID Special


Time for vaccination against COVID-19

Vaccination is essential for everyone's health and in the context of a pandemic, vaccination will play an even more important role. Find out what is known so far about the vaccines against COVID-19.