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Skin Problems

Nourish your skin

The skin, our largest organ, is often devalued. Because it protects us against the environment, it is always exposed to external aggression. One of the main skin problems is dryness, which is caused by several factors.
Skin Problems


Atopic dermatitis - Skin hydration is the key factor

People suffering from atopic dermatitis have an extremely sensitive and reactive skin, which demands specific care.
Beauty & Hair


Wrinkles are natural. But seriously, who likes them?

Aging is a natural process that leads to the appearance of physiological changes in the skin surface. Wrinkles are one of those changes. In an ageing skin, there is a decrease in the dermis and epidermis thickness, which also lose their underlyin...
Family Pharmacy


Smiling - Always good for your health

Smiling helps the respiratory, cardiovascular, and immune systems to function properly. When we smile or have a good laugh, we are not only expressing happiness. When we smile, a series of positive reactions occur in our body, caused mainly by the pr...
Pain & Relief

Digestive system

Indigestion - Looks like I'm going to burst

Dyspepsia is the word used to describe the sensation of pain and burning in the stomach, which we commonly call poor digestion. However, dyspepsia may be associated with other pathologies and not simply with indigestion. There are 2 types of dyspep...
Healthy Lifestyle

Physical exercise

Be a champion in the snow

The practice of winter sports is good for your health, but it is not risk-free.Before heading out to the snow, take precautions and equip yourself with information on the most appropriate actions forahealthy snow sliding.
COVID Special

Covid-19 Special

Everything you need to know about the vaccination of children

After adults and young people, it is time to start in Portugal the vaccination process of about 630 thousand children between 5 and 11 years against Covid-19. The vaccination of children will take place between December 18 and March 13, in a schedu...