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Constipation in children. A headache for parents

Constipation is a common condition that affects 30% of children. Constipation in children can appear at any age, however, as a rule, it will mainly manifest itself during 3 periods of growth: food diversification (introduction of solids or milk derivatives), toilet training and at school age. Nevertheless, most situations occur at school age.

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Family Pharmacy

Digestive system

Diarrhoea - When nothing is better than a nearby toilet

Water, mineral salts, and nutrients in foods are absorbed when they pass through the intestine. All the food residues that cannot be absorbed will become faeces. The intestinal bacteria, which help to keep intestinal balance, participate in this proc...
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And suddenly the muscles hurt so much that you can't even move

Muscle pain (Myalgia) is common and can be divided into 2 groups: the pain that affects the whole body (all muscles are affected) or the pain that affects a particular muscle (a part of the body). It may also involve ligaments, tendons, fascia, the s...

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