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Only those who have had canker sores know how uncomfortable they can be

Pain & Relief

Canker sores are small and 
painful ulcers inside the mouth that may occur on the tongue, the inside linings of the cheeks and on the lips.

Canker sores are common, benign, and temporary sores that usually disappear on their own after one or two weeks.

Canker sores are not contagious, so they should not be confused with herpes. The latter is contagious. In case of herpes, the lesions will mainly form on the lips or around the mouth and other symptoms, such as a stinging or burning sensation, may occur. 


Certain foods cause canker sores
Certain foods cause canker sores

Signs and symptoms

  • Burning feeling on the spot 

  • Rounded stain 

  • Redness 

Fruits and elements associated with canker sores
Fruits and elements associated with canker sores

Associated factors

The factors associated with the formation or worsening of canker sores are: 

  • Oral trauma - for instance, caused by brushing too vigorously, accidental bites on the tongue or inside the cheek, among other 

  • Stress and anxiety 

  • Hormonal factors - hormonal changes and menstrual cycle 

  • Family history/genetics 

  • Unbalanced diet, such as - Lack of certain nutrients, for instance, mineral salts (iron and zinc) or vitamins (especially vitamin B12 and folic acid) 

  • Dental problems (movement of badly positioned or sharp teeth) or poor oral hygiene 

  • Weakened immune system, some diseases (for example, helicobacter pylori which, as it happens with reflux, can be associated with changes in oral pH, Crohn's disease, systemic lupus erythematosus, celiac disease; ulcerative colitis, HIV infection) 

  • Reaction to medicinal products (anti-inflammatory or antihypertensive drugs) 

  • Certain foods: chocolate, coffee, strawberries, cheese, almonds, sour fruits (lemons, oranges) 

  • Allergy to sodium lauryl sulphate found in several toothpastes and elixirs.

Gel for canker sores
Gel for canker sores

Prevention/care to be taken:

Canker sores cause pain and discomfort; people suffering from this condition experience difficulty in swallowing, eating and even speaking. To prevent and treat canker sores, the following measures should be considered: 

  • Healthy diet: foods rich in vitamins and minerals 

  • Eat soft and easy to chew foods (vegetable soups, purees) 

  • Drink cold drinks, such as water and teas 

  • Avoid talking while chewing and swallowing 

  • Visit your dentist more often 

In the treatment of canker sores, some products may be recommended to help relieve symptoms: 

  • Antiseptic and antibacterial solutions (mouthwashes, gels or drops) 

  • Protective gel for oral mucosa 

  • Painkillers for pain relief 

  • Homeopathic medicinal products 

  • Extra soft toothbrush (does not hurt when brushing your teeth) 

  • Vitamin complexes 

Canker sores are rare in babies. Babies usually suffer from “oral thrush”, an infection caused by fungi that requires a specific treatment.


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