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With the arrival of summer, a holiday period for many families, it is time to check the 
pharmacy cabinet. 

The pharmacy cabinet is the space reserved by many families to store medicines and products that help to prevent, relieve, or treat certain health conditions.

The pharmacy cabinet contents must be adequate to the needs of each family, it should undergo changes and be revised throughout the seasons.

With the arrival of summer, it is important to ensure that we are able to treat the most common health problems of the season, in order to reduce their impact and promote well-being.

Revising the pharmacy cabinet is also important for detecting outdated or unused drugs. These must be placed in the VALORMED containers at pharmacies.


Pharmacy cabinet - Summer
Pharmacy cabinet - Summer

Our habits and routines are different during summertime and the most common health problems are:

  • Sunburns 

    • Always use sunscreen (even if you do not expose directly to the sun)

    • After-sun lotion - to soothe the skin 

    • Analgesic - relieves pain and inflammation 

    • Thermal water spray - soothes and softens the skin 

  • Insect bites 

    • Repellent - prevents contact with insects 
    • Soothing ointment - relieves itching in case of sting

    • Antihistamine - relieves itching 

  • Burns and scalds (e.g. cooking, ironing)

    • regenerating ointment 

    • analgesic for pain relief 

  • Dehydration - oral rehydration solution

  • Cuts, scrapes and other wounds - Always have a first aid kit with: 70% isopropyl alcohol, unidose saline solution, pair of tweezers, scissors, thermometer, plasters of different sizes, compresses, bandages, gauze, adhesive, disposable gloves, and disinfectant solution 
  • Diarrhoea - oral hydration salts and intestinal flora regulators

  • Constipation - fibres and laxatives

  • Gastric discomfort - antacid (against heartburn) 

  • Vomiting and motion sickness - antiemetic pills to take before travelling 

  • Eye irritation - caused by pool or beach water 
    • decongestant eye drops
    • unidose saline solution 
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      • Mycoses   
        • Antifungal ointments or lotions 
        • Antiseptic lotions or sprays 
        • Solutions or powders to put on shoes and prevent new contamination  

      • Cold sore - worsens with the sun 
        • ointment, gel or sticks to relieve the pain and promote healing  
        • protective dressings 
        • lip balm factor 50 for prevention 

      • Trauma (e.g. bumps) and muscle pain 
        • Ointments, gels, or lotions based on arnica and plants 
        • Painkillers   
        • Anti-inflammatory drugs 

      •  Urinary infections 
        • oral supplements based on bearberry and cranberry 

      •  Pain and fever - For headache or fever, anti-inflammatory and an analgesic 

      During summer we must not forget lip and hair protection (sprays and protective masks) and skin hydration

      Ask your pharmacist to help you build and update your summer pharmacy cabinet and explain the special care you should take to make the most of the warm months. 


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