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Drinking Water - Essential to life

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Keeping your body hydrated is essential to life: drink water! At any time of year and even when you're not thirsty.

Liquid forms

Water is the main constituent of the human body, occupying more than half of our weight. It is essential for many of the body's vital functions, such as temperature regulation, digestion, blood circulation and urine formation. 

Body functions, such as temperature regulation, digestion, blood circulation and urine formation. Without water, organs such as the heart and kidneys would cease to function.

Every day we drink water, in drinks (in its natural form, juices, teas, milk, etc.) or through food (fruit, soups, etc.). But we also lose water every day: through urine, faeces, sweat and even breathing. To compensate for these losses, it is essential to hydrate your body regularly: by drinking water.



You have to hydrate without waiting for thirst. The body already lacks liquids when we feel the need to drink water. If water is not replenished, this can lead to:

  • Less urine and a dark yellow colour;
  • Dry mouth, skin and eyes;
  • Decreased perspiration;
  • Muscle weakness or tiredness; 
  • Dizziness.

vomiting and diarrhoea
Different needs

Different needs 

The risk of dehydration is always present when fluid intake is insufficient, with the elderly and children being the most vulnerable. The elderly drink less water in their daily lives and often cannot feel thirsty. And children are more sensitive to fluid loss.

Fluid intake should increase when there is: 

  • physical activity (more or less intense);
  • high temperatures or high altitude;
  • fever
  • vomiting and diarrhoea;
  • Breast-feeding women should also drink more liquids than usual.

Water demand per day and age group
Water demand per day and age group

Drink Water!

 Keep your body safe from dehydration:

  • Water in its natural form - it is the best source, is affordable and calorie-free;
  • Flavoured drinks - natural juices, teas and milk drinks are nice options when you are not thirsty, but watch out for the amount of sugar;
  • Soups - provide water and also the vitamins and minerals found in vegetables; they are satiating and low in calories.

Drink Water!
Drink Water!


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