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Alcohol - It's time to say no

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Alcoholic drinks are 
deceiving: there are more risks than benefits.  

Before the next drink, stop and think if it is really worthwhile...

The first time

It is during your first outings with friends that you sometimes have your first contact with alcohol. After all, this is a time of experiences and challenges!


Youth - Drugs and alcohol
Youth - Drugs and alcohol

Two sides

For a moment you feel more comfortable, but there is a price to pay, since alcohol has two sides. It can be tricky and dangerous when consumed in excess:  

  • Disinhibition and boldness: they can sometimes lead to excesses and bad decisions; 

  • Reflexes change and it takes you longer to react, vision and thinking become “cloudy” and you lose capacities; 

  • The risk of accidents increases if you drive or if you travel in a car driven by someone who drank - road accidents are the main cause of death in young people;

  • The risk of consuming other substances may increase; 

  • In this decisive phase of growth, excessive alcohol consumption negatively influences personality, physical and intellectual capacities; 

  • In situations of abuse, the risk of alcohol intoxication is imminent and can take you to the hospital;  

  • When excessive consumption becomes a habit, there is a risk of developing chronic diseases (liver and stomach) and many others.

Youth and alcohol - Stop and think
Youth and alcohol - Stop and think

Stop and think

It is important to know the signs that tell you when you have exceeded your limit - it is time to put down your glass and make room for soft drinks! In terms of alcohol consumption, it is better not to abuse it. 

Legally you are not allowed to consume alcohol before the age of 18 - if you do it before the age of 18 you are damaging your health seriously. 

Each drink has a different alcohol content - it is not the same to drink a beer or a shot... 

It is not the same for boys and girls - an equal amount of alcohol generally results in higher blood levels in girls due to differences in body composition. 

Resist to pressure - if you do not feel like drinking or if you think you have had enough, say no with conviction. You do not need to drink, and certainly not in excess, to have fun. 

And if you have already drunk, think it over:

Weigh the pros and cons, it is important to be informed. Ask those who know better and who you trust - someone in your family, teachers, health professionals, or a friend: listen to what they have to say and ask your questions.

Addiction - there is no shame in asking for help
Addiction - there is no shame in asking for help

What About Dependence?

Alcohol is addictive. So, before the next drink ask yourself:  

  • Are you drinking more and more?  
  • Have you tried to quit drinking and didn’t  make it?  
  • Do you feel bad if you do not drink?   
  • Do you have difficulty remembering what happens when you  drink too much?  
  • Do you drink when you feel alone or whenyou have  problems?  
  • Do you drink “one after the other”  without stopping? 
If you answered yes to any of these questions, think again. Make a decision and if you need help, look for help.


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