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Childbirth preparation - The first bag of your baby

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Finally, the special moment of preparing the hospital bag for your baby delivery has come. Your baby is almost in your arms and we do not want you to forget anything.

It is necessary to do everything calmly and in time, so that you remember all the details; so, we advise you to start preparing your bag from the 7th month of pregnancy, because if the baby comes ahead of time, everything will be ready to receive him/her.

Please note that, on average, the maternity stay is 2 days in the case of normal delivery and 3 days in the case of caesarean delivery. It is also important to remember that each hospital has its own specific rules and recommendations, so you should find out about the products provided by the maternity hospital where you are going to deliver your baby, thus avoiding bringing too many things to hospital in your bag.

Maternity bag for the mother
Maternity bag for the mother

Maternity bag

It is important to bring comfortable and practical clothes, especially if you have decided that you want to breastfeed your baby. You will not want anything to get in the way of the breastfeeding process.


For the mother

  • 3 nightshirts, with a large opening at the front or shirt-type pyjamas (to facilitate breastfeeding);
  • 1 bathrobe or jacket;
  • Slippers and bath slippers;
  • Personal hygiene products and objects (bring a bath and face towel too);
  • Underwear (8 disposable underwear, 2 breastfeeding bras and 3 pairs of socks);
  • 1 pack of absorbent sanitary towels;
  • Cream (lanolin) and protective discs or nipple shells;
  • Absorbent breastfeeding discs;
  • 1 post-delivery brace or band (optional);
  • Medicines you usually take (check with your doctor if they are compatible with breastfeeding);
  • Bag for dirty clothes;
  • Comfortable clothes and shoes for the day of discharge.

Maternity bag for the baby
Maternity bag for the baby

For the baby

Before preparing your baby's suitcase, remember to wash the clothes separately using mild detergents (there are detergents specially formulated for baby's clothes on the market). Avoid softeners and use your washing machine’s delicate laundry program. Do not forget to remove the labels.

The clothing should be made of cotton, comfortable, easy to dress and undress and suitable for the season.

Put the baby's first clothes in a separate bag. In the operating room this bag must be given to the nurses who will dress the baby. This little gesture will be especially useful and will save you time.

Therefore, you should set aside the following parts:

  • 1 blanket
  • 1 cap
  • 1 cloth nappy
  • 1 set of outer clothes
  • 1 set of underwear
  • 1 pair of cotton socks / booties /
  • 1 disposable nappy (or reusable nappy for a more environmentally friendly option)

Complete the baby's suitcase
Complete the baby's suitcase

To complete the baby's suitcase, you should also bring:

  • 3-4 complete changes of clothes
  • 3-4 sets of underwear (bodies and socks / booties)
  • warm blanket if it is winter and cooler if it is summer
  • 2 bath towels
  • Cloth nappies
  • Hygiene products for your baby (shower gel, body cream, face cream and nappy change cream, cleaning compresses)
  • 1 pack of nappies for new-borns (disposable or reusable)
  • Changing mat
  • round-tip scissors  and cardboard file
  • hairbrush

Resist the temptation to bring a dummy in your suitcase. In fact, it can impair the baby's adaptation to breastfeeding, so it should not be taken to the hospital.

All ready for the arrival of your baby
All ready for the arrival of your baby

Do not forget!

  • Your identification documents (Identity Card or Citizen Card, Health Subsystem Beneficiary Card, Health Insurance Card);
  • Your pregnancy record, laboratory tests and other exams performed during pregnancy;
  • Mobile phone and charger (as you will want to record your baby's first days of life!).
  • Baby carrier and compatible car seat;

Finally, we remind you of a particularly important recommendation: you should leave the maternity bag ready in a visible and easily accessible place because when the time comes, you will not want to waste time looking for it.

Now that everything is ready, just enjoy the rest of pregnancy in complete serenity.


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