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In male or female, in the first line as a method of contraception and protection

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In a sexually active, healthy, and smooth life it is essential to use an adequate contraceptive method. Currently, there are several contraceptive methods, namely barrier methods.  

Contraception aims to prevent or reduce the likelihood of unwanted pregnancy and, in the case of barrier contraception, condoms are also the most effective method for preventing sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).   

Barrier contraception is based on the use of contraceptives that prevent sperm from entering the uterus; such contraceptives are removable after use.  

If you decide to opt for barrier contraception, the following options are available: 

  • Male condom; 
  • Female condom.

Male condom
Male condom

Male condom 

It is a contraceptive device designed to cover the penis when erect, which collects the sperm preventing it from entering the woman's body.  

There is a diverse range of male condoms. The function of contraception and protection against STDs is common to all condoms, however there are other characteristics that differentiate them and may influence the choice.


  • Latex free - suitable for people sensitive to latex; 
  • With benzocaine - delays ejaculation; 
  • With lubricants - provides a feeling of warmth or freshness; 
  • Dotted and ribbed condoms - accelerates female stimulation; 
  • Thinner thickness - may increase sensitivity; 
  • Different sizes, colours, and flavours 

Latex or latex-free condoms (polyurethane or polyisoprene) reduce the risk of transmitting sexually transmitted diseases. This is not the case with lambskin condoms (natural condoms).   

How is it used? 

To ensure its correct use, it is necessary to know how to apply the condom. The condom should be applied before any genital contact and only when the male sexual organ is erect. 

More specifically: 

  • With your fingers, hold the tip of the condom (sperm deposit) so that no air is trapped; 
  • Place and unroll the condom over the length of the penis; 
  • Make sure that no air is trapped in the condom
  • After ejaculation, carefully remove the condom, knot the open end, and put it in the trash.

Female condom
Female condom

Female condom 

This contraceptive device is a flexible pouch, closed at one end, that adapts to the vagina and covers the cervix. It is inserted into the vagina before sexual intercourse to prevent contact of the sperm with the cervix, preventing pregnancy.

The female condom also reduces the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. 

It should not be worn at the same time as the male condom and can be inserted into the vagina up to 8 hours before sexual intercourse.   

How is it used? 

To ensure their effectiveness, condoms must be correctly used.  

Learn how to use the female condom: 

  • Hold the condom with the open end facing downwards; 
  • With your thumb and middle finger, squeeze the flexible ring of the closed end, making it oval and narrow; 
  • Move the vaginal labia from each other, using the other hand; 
  • Insert the closed end of the ring into the vagina; 
  • With your forefinger push the inner ring as far up as possible; 
  • Insert a finger inside the condom until it reaches the bottom of the ring; 
  • Push the ring behind the pubis; 
  • Make sure that the outer ring and the open end of the condom remain outside the vagina, over the vulva;  
  • Right after ejaculation, gently twist the outer ring and the condom out of the vagina. 

Open the condom package correctly
Open the condom package correctly

Care to be taken with condoms 

To ensure the safe and correct use of condoms, it is recommended to:  

  • Check the packaging condition; 
  • Check the expiration date; 
  • Do not use sharp objects (scissors, knife), teeth or nails to open the package;
  • Use the condom only once; 
  • Always use condoms of a known brand; 
  • Do not use oil-based lubricants when using a latex condom (oil degrades the condom); 
  • Do not place condom packages in places exposed to the sun or heat sources;  
  • Certain medicinal products applied to the sexual organs can damage the condom. Find out more before using it.


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