COVID Special


Learn about the types of masks available

COVID Special

The use of masks is a complementary measure to limit the transmission of the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) in the community. There are different types of masks, with distinct characteristics and functions, and it is important to adapt their use to the recommendations of the health authorities.

The use of a mask does not dispense with the following precautions: 

  • Social distance; 
  • Respiratory label measures;
  • Frequent and adequate hand washing

Community or cloth masks?

What are they: Masks made of different fabrics such as cotton.

Function: To reduce the spread of droplets or particles expelled when coughing, sneezing or talking, preventing contamination of the environment.

Who is it intended for: Healthy people, who do not present respiratory symptoms suggestive of COVID-19 (such as coughing) and who stay in closed places where social distancing cannot be guaranteed (supermarkets, public transport, pharmacies, among others).

Surgical Masks? 

What are they: Masks with a greater filtration capacity of exhaled air (released during breathing or speaking) than fabric masks, made of non-woven fabric (NW) arranged in three layers.

Function: To decrease the projection of droplets or particles from an infected person to a healthy person. Surgical masks provide some protection to the user, however their main function is to protect the surrounding environment.

Who is it for: Healthcare workers, people with symptoms of respiratory infection (such as fever or cough), with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 and their caregivers, elderly people, people with chronic diseases or compromised immune system and people who need to leave their homes.

PFF2 half masks, respirators or masks

What they are: Masks with high capacity to filter the air from the outside to the inside of the mask (i.e. the inhaled air).

Function: To protect the user when in hazardous environments with contamination by chemicals or infection-causing microorganisms.  

 PFF2 masks with valve should not be used by people with respiratory infection, namely COVID-19, as the exhaled air is not filtered and may lead to environmental contamination.

Who is it intended for: Healthcare professionals performing certain medical procedures that generate aerosols (suspension of fine particles in the air) that may contain viral particles.

When using the Mask avoid:

  • Leave the nose exposed;
  • Leave the chin uncovered;
  • Use it under the chin;
  • Use it with gaps or side gaps.


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